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engineered underground

Engineered Underground Will Be Free on Amazon This Sunday!

Special Offer! This Sunday (May 17, 2015), the Kindle edition of Engineered Underground will be available for FREE at Amazon. Synopsis: Wendy Watson is an engineer who has dedicated her life to building... [Read more]


The Star Wars Generation Awakens

In 1980, my family took a vacation in Lake Tahoe with some of our relatives. We rented a cozy cabin and spent the week listening to the only decent eight-track tape anybody had bothered to bring; I heard... [Read more]


Blackbird (A Poem)

Blackbird She’s a blackbird, chipped and dry Marble lines: gray, black, white Face weathered, wings tethered Beaded eyes, all-seeing outside the light In gritty squawks She talks to the night Laugh lines... [Read more]


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