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call for beta readers

Call for Beta Readers for the First Book in My Metamorphosis Series

Call for beta readers. I’m super excited to announce that I’ve completed the first book in my forthcoming Metamorphosis series. The working title of the book is Engineered Underground, and... [Read more]

Catwoman by Sean Nash

Catwoman (a poem)

Catwoman artwork by Sean Nash. Catwoman Call me a villain because I roar when I scratch your face and even the score. Claws, paws, teeth, and hiss Putting bullies down is bliss He says no guns, no fun,... [Read more]


For the Love of Superheroes

Superheroes: a cultural phenomenon. I bet when superheroes first hit the newsstands, people thought they were just a fad. But superheroes are here to stay. You know why? Because we love them! The superhero... [Read more]


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