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Catwoman by Sean Nash

Catwoman (a poem)

Catwoman artwork by Sean Nash. Catwoman Call me a villain because I roar when I scratch your face and even the score. Claws, paws, teeth, and hiss Putting bullies down is bliss He says no guns, no fun,... [Read more]


For the Love of Superheroes

Superheroes: a cultural phenomenon. I bet when superheroes first hit the newsstands, people thought they were just a fad. But superheroes are here to stay. You know why? Because we love them! The superhero... [Read more]

Adventures in Writing

Adventures in Writing: The Complete Collection

Adventures in Writing: The Complete Collection is a single volume that includes all three books in the Adventures in Writing series: 101 Creative Writing Exercises 10 Core Practices for Better Writing 1200... [Read more]


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