Defiant (A Poem)

Defiant The mass of flesh and muscle Paws at the earth, ready Nostrils flared, teeth bared Whipped up for the tussle This raging beast knows no bounds He’s uncontrolled and fevered Shredding the earth’s most treasured grounds Pitching and pacing and itching to beat her The trampling has been rough Boots and teeth of the…Read More

reality poem by melissa donovan

Reality (A Poem)

Reality What if you could reshape reality With words and pictures Bring people into a new existence Of your own making You could make them believe The earth is flat The moon is made of cheese Up is down and right is left I saw the world flip Outside where cherry blossoms swirl And crickets…Read More

waiting for the wind

Waiting for the Wind (A Poem)

Waiting for the Wind All that dirty starlight, I wiped it off your feet mixed it up with Mercury and put it in your drink sat back and watched you drink oceans of me We were weighted down with sins that don’t exist We were waiting for the wind to erase what we did I…Read More

Slippery Fish (A Poem)

Slippery Fish That slippery fish you see Dancing in poetry She is a lie. I say She is a fantasy A pretty mermaid beckoning you Casting shadows across your sea Certainty, She is the golden coin Inside the fishbowl We all want a piece Consider instead the chameleon Shifting her colors, rolling with the moon…Read More

Blackbird (A Poem)

Blackbird She’s a blackbird, chipped and dry Marble lines: gray, black, white Face weathered, wings tethered Beaded eyes, all-seeing outside the light In gritty squawks She talks to the night Laugh lines and rusty bells Secrets she tells in whispers and sighs You can fly She’s war-striped and spangled Her mangled nest left behind A…Read More

The Long Wait

Winter is the End (a poem)

Winter is the End Winter is the end of all things. It is frozen starlight and empty trees forgotten promises and shivering dreams. Winter is where the world goes to die. It is the closing-up of earth the shutting-down of light the endless chill of infinite night. Winter is when we turn inside, where fires…Read More

Catwoman by Sean Nash

Catwoman (a poem)

Catwoman Call me a villain because I roar when I scratch your face and even the score. Claws, paws, teeth, and hiss Putting bullies down is bliss He says no guns, no fun, no death; revenge is justice at its best. Fur, purr, curl, and stretch I am not your villainess I am freedom, I…Read More

convergence winter 2012

New Poetry in Convergence (Winter 2012)

I’ve been writing poetry for a long time, but I haven’t been very diligent about submitting my work to literary magazines and journals. I’ve only submitted a handful of pieces over the years. Earlier this year, I submitted a few pieces and two of them were selected for publication by convergence: an online journal of…Read More

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