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Defiant (A Poem)

Defiant The mass of flesh and muscle Paws at the earth, ready Nostrils flared, teeth bared Whipped up for the tussle This raging beast knows no bounds He’s uncontrolled and fevered Shredding the earth’s... [Read more]

superhero movies modern myths

Should We Take Superhero Movies Seriously?

Superhero stories: modern myths for a twenty-first century audience. “Just because someone stumbles and loses their path doesn’t mean they can’t be saved.” – Professor Charles Xavier (X-Men) A... [Read more]

story drills fiction writing exercises

My Latest Book – Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises

Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises is the second book in my series on the art of storytelling, The Storyteller’s Toolbox. Story Drills Stories are made up of many moving parts: plots and subplots;... [Read more]


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