The mass of flesh and muscle
Paws at the earth, ready
Nostrils flared, teeth bared
Whipped up for the tussle

This raging beast knows no bounds
He’s uncontrolled and fevered
Shredding the earth’s most treasured grounds
Pitching and pacing and itching to beat her

The trampling has been rough
Boots and teeth of the downtrodden
Litter the trail this beast has cleared
He charges, illuminated
By madness, greed, and fear

How many times must we rise, march, and fall?
Before we break this beast and beat back the wall?

A voice springs from the chaos—a war cry
Hope springs and the people rise,


The fearless converge
The future takes shape
We move on the beast
As many times as it takes

Note from the Poet: The day before International Women’s Day 2017, State Street Global Advisors installed a statue of a little girl facing off against the iconic bronze “Charging Bull” on Wall Street as part of a campaign to increase the number of women serving on corporate boards. The images of these statues were striking, ironic, and exalting. As the poem “Defiant” emerged, it transcended the image that inspired it. The “Fearless Girl” statue was crafted by sculptor Kristen Visbal.

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