Defiant (A Poem)

Defiant The mass of flesh and muscle Paws at the earth, ready Nostrils flared, teeth bared Whipped up for the tussle This raging beast knows no bounds He’s uncontrolled and fevered Shredding the earth’s most treasured grounds Pitching and pacing and itching to beat her The trampling has been rough Boots and teeth of the…Read More

superhero movies modern myths

Should We Take Superhero Movies Seriously?

“Just because someone stumbles and loses their path doesn’t mean they can’t be saved.” – Professor Charles Xavier (X-Men) A recent op-ed in the Washington Post asks “Are movies like ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ worth taking seriously?” The real question that the column addresses, however, deals with whether fantasy blockbusters warrant serious reception by critics: Mass…Read More

My Latest Book – Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises

Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises is the second book in my series on the art of storytelling, The Storyteller’s Toolbox. Story Drills Stories are made up of many moving parts: plots and subplots; characters, action, and dialogue; the scenes, the setting, the prose, and more. Developing each of these elements and then weaving them all together…Read More

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Reality (A Poem)

Reality What if you could reshape reality With words and pictures Bring people into a new existence Of your own making You could make them believe The earth is flat The moon is made of cheese Up is down and right is left I saw the world flip Outside where cherry blossoms swirl And crickets…Read More

My Latest Book: What’s the Story? Building Blocks for Fiction Writing

What’s the Story? Building Blocks for Fiction Writing is the first book in my latest craft-of-writing series, The Storyteller’s Toolbox. What’s the Story? Storytelling is an ancient human tradition, something that all cultures throughout history and around the globe share. Stories are a reflection of culture, but they also shape culture. Their importance in society…Read More

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I Wrote a Children’s Book — Uma Luma Goes to the Moon!

I recently wrote and published a children’s book under the pen name Emmy Donovan. Please note that in the future, I won’t be posting news and announcements here regarding my children’s books, but you can head over to Emmy Donovan’s Amazon page or Goodreads profile for more information. The book is titled Uma Luma Goes to…Read More

Writing and publishing my first novel.

Seven Things I Learned Writing and Publishing My First Novel

I knew I would learn a lot by writing and publishing my first novel, but I didn’t know exactly what I would learn. Would I make discoveries about my writing process or the craft of writing and storytelling? Would I learn broader life lessons? Perhaps all of the above? Engineered Underground isn’t the first book…Read More

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Win a Free Copy of Engineered Underground in a Goodreads Giveaway

From today through Monday, August 17, I’m hosting a giveaway on Goodreads for the paperback edition of Engineered Underground, the first book in my Metamorphosis series. Engineered Underground is about an engineer named Wendy Watson whose life is thrown into upheaval when she comes into possession of extraordinary technology and top-secret information that lures her into a…Read More

waiting for the wind

Waiting for the Wind (A Poem)

Waiting for the Wind All that dirty starlight, I wiped it off your feet mixed it up with Mercury and put it in your drink sat back and watched you drink oceans of me We were weighted down with sins that don’t exist We were waiting for the wind to erase what we did I…Read More

engineered underground

Engineered Underground is Now Available at All Online Bookstores

Engineered Underground is finally available in all online bookstores. Here’s the synopsis: Wendy Watson is an engineer working to build a machine that will revolutionize modern medicine. But when tragedy strikes and Wendy comes into possession of incredible technology, she’s forced to make a choice: abide by the rules she’s followed her whole life or…Read More

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