Seven Things I Learned Writing and Publishing My First Novel

Writing and publishing my first novel.

Writing and publishing my first novel.

I knew I would learn a lot by writing and publishing my first novel, but I didn’t know exactly what I would learn. Would I make discoveries about my writing process or the craft of writing and storytelling? Would I learn broader life lessons? Perhaps all of the above?

Engineered Underground isn’t the first book — or even the first novel — that I’ve written. I’ve published several nonfiction books on the craft of writing, and I’ve drafted two novels that didn’t work out and got shelved. So I entered this project with some experience.

But taking a novel through to completion was vastly different from my previous experiences with writing books.

Here’s What I Learned:

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Win a Free Copy of Engineered Underground in a Goodreads Giveaway

engineered undergroundFrom today through Monday, August 17, I’m hosting a giveaway on Goodreads for the paperback edition of Engineered Underground, the first book in my Metamorphosis series.

Engineered Underground is about an engineer named Wendy Watson whose life is thrown into upheaval when she comes into possession of extraordinary technology and top-secret information that lures her into a world of military intrigue, government secrets, and revolutionary science.

How far will Wendy and her friends go in order to prevent an act of treason that could have devastating consequences for all of humanity?

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Waiting for the Wind (A Poem)

waiting for the windWaiting for the Wind

All that dirty starlight, I wiped it off your feet
mixed it up with Mercury and put it in your drink
sat back and watched you
drink oceans of me

We were weighted down
with sins that don’t exist
We were waiting for the wind
to erase what we did

I tried to warn you about love
and its fragile, fickle bliss

When spring came, our dreams departed
Our moon was full, our skies were charted
and the galaxy didn’t skip or sink

I might be forgiving
next time you need a drink.

Engineered Underground is Now Available at All Online Bookstores

engineered underground

Engineered Underground is finally available in all online bookstores. Here’s the synopsis:

Wendy Watson is an engineer working to build a machine that will revolutionize modern medicine. But when tragedy strikes and Wendy comes into possession of incredible technology, she’s forced to make a choice: abide by the rules she’s followed her whole life or risk everything she’s worked for in pursuit of justice.

How far will Wendy and her friends go to stop an act of treason that would have devastating consequences?

Find out by picking up your copy of Engineered Underground at your favorite online bookstore:

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Ernie Cline: From Spoken Word to Armada

Ernie Cline gazes into space.

Ernie Cline. What is he thinking?

I first discovered Ernie Cline several years ago on a podcast called IndieFeed Performance Poetry. His spoken word piece “Dance Monkeys Dance” was witty, thought-provoking, and humorous. But it was another piece called “When I Was a Kid” that really caught my attention. Packed with pop culture references that any 80s kid would appreciate, this hilarious piece managed to be both current and nostalgic — and super-duper delightful.

I went off in search of more work by Mr. Cline and soon found myself buried in the pages of his first novel, Ready Player One, a dystopian science-fiction adventure with a cyberpunk vibe. It was a page turner, packed with the same kind of pop culture references that I loved in “When I Was a Kid.” Ready Player One became one of my favorite books of the past decade, so I’m thrilled that one of my favorite directors, Steven Spielberg, will be directing the film (totally apropos!).

When I heard that Ernie was going to be in my area for the release of his second novel, Armada, there was no doubt about it. I reserved a seat immediately. Read more