call for beta readers

Call for beta readers.

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve completed the first book in my forthcoming Metamorphosis series.

The working title of the book is Engineered Underground, and it’s the first of a five-book series that is science fiction with elements of military, superheroes, and mystery.

I’m looking for beta readers to read the book and provide honest, critical feedback and suggestions for making improvements.

Here’s a description of the book:

Earth hasn’t seen an international war in decades, and militaries around the world are shrinking. But there are those who still see war on the horizon, and they will do anything to restore the military to its former glory.

Wendy Watson is an engineer who has dedicated her life to building a machine that will revolutionize medicine. In order to keep her lab at MIT open and continue their work, Wendy and her partner, programmer Eli Levine, desperately need to win a grant.

But Wendy’s life is thrown into upheaval when she experiences a tragic loss, and she comes into possession of extraordinary technology that leads Wendy and her friends into a world of military intrigue, government secrets, and underground science.

How far will Wendy go in order to prevent an act of treason of epic proportions?

If you’re interested, click the sign-up button below. If you’re not interested or unable to beta read at this time but know someone who might want to participate, please share this with them.


Beta reading is now closed. Thanks to everyone who signed up. If you’d like to beta read for me in the future, sign up for my mailing list using the form at the top of the sidebar, to your right. You’ll receive updates, including future calls for beat readers. Thanks!

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